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Disinfection for Emerging Diseases

Coronavirus (COVID-19), like other infectious diseases, can be transmitted indirectly to people when they touch surfacing that has been contaminated by the virus, then they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. While researchers are not entirely certain how long Coronavirus can survive on surfacing, they have confirmed that COVID-19 behaves like other known coronaviruses, and viral cells have been known to persist on surfacing for a few hours or even up to several days depending on the surface and the health of the infectious pathogenic microorganisms. Fortunately, the experts at ServiceMaster Restoration provide local homeowners and businesses with thorough and detailed sanitization and disinfection services to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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How Our Disinfection Services Work

If your business has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or if you believe your facility has been exposed to an infected individual, you may want to call in the disinfection professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration. Our team is highly trained to provide an initial cleaning which breaks organic loads and soiling. Once complete, we can sanitize and disinfect just about any surfacing in your facility that is commonly touched by people. Our team will pay special attention to high-risk surfacing such as stairway and escalator railings, elevator buttons, doorknobs and handles, lobby and reception counters, and more. The team at ServiceMaster Restoration carefully follows sanitization guidelines established by the CDC, EPA, FDA, and WHO. Our customers can rest assured knowing our technicians are knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to disinfecting, decontamination and sanitizing your property.

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