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Whether you’re responsible for an entire corporate office campus or a small local business, flooding is never something to be taken lightly. Water damage must be addressed immediately by an experienced flood restoration contractor like ServiceMaster Restore to ensure the safety and ongoing integrity of your property. ServiceMaster Restore has been serving local California businesses across the greater Ventura County region for over six decades, and we know what it takes to swiftly and completely assess water damage, then deliver effective and thorough restoration to keep your business operating safely.

How Our Process Works

When local businesses contact us at ServiceMaster Restore to mitigate water damage, it all begins with our highly responsive, 24-7 team. We’ll work with your insurance company to perform an accurate assessment of the damage, then we’ll get to work removing excess water, drying and sanitizing the area, and restoring damage caused by the flooding. Untreated water damage can cause significant problems for your commercial property, including utility line complications, water contamination, and more, so it’s important to trust the experts at ServiceMaster Restore from the very beginning of your project to ensure an effective cleanup.